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Who are we?

Four partners, epicureans and lovers of life, we are united by our passion for our work.

Coming from various backgrounds, we found ourselves on the real estat way almost 10 years ago.

Estelle, from the hospitality industry, has worked in different countries where she practices English and German. Driven by a keen sense of service, she puts her empathy at the service of her clients to ensure trust. Arrived in the South in 2007, she has worked successfuly for 10 years in real estate and meets her sidekick Jean René.

Working partner for many years, Jean René is passionate about real estate. As native of the country, he knows his environment and its peculiarities perfectly. They share the same philosophy of the job and work in Castries in a local agency.

With their experiences, their desire to stand out through their philosophy, their humanist and professional vision takes shaped.

And here is Laurie, in her 30s, energetic and smiling, arrives on the adventure. She is a young self made women. After 15 years in fitness and wellness, she successfully joins them to share the same values. She is at the forefront of social networks and thanks to her, we are very present on Facebook and Instagram.

Nathalie, with her experience in administration, HR and management is also a real IT expert and we really need her!

His proactivity is remarkable, which is essential in this competitive world. She will welcome you with her smile and good mood to chat over a coffee ( or tea or something else !) in our living room.



4 partners
more than ever happy
to help you discover
our universe & our skills